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U.S. Air Force CyberWorx Innovation Opportunities


U.S. Air Force CyberWorx Innovation Opportunities


AF CyberWorx is a problem solving organization focused on human centered design that builds rapid prototypes to improve the user experience.
It is located at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs, CO.

USAFA is designated as a federal laboratory, with the unique position to establish various partnerships and agreements with academia and industry, and is chartered with solving the AF’s mission problems by engaging users, industry, and academia in human centered design processes that result in solutions for the war fighter.
There is interest in capturing the most creative and advanced technologies where the department can make use of defense specific projects and dual-use technologies to further its technological gain. In realizing the potential to leverage superiority in innovative technologies,
AF CyberWorx endeavors to create valued partnerships by aligning itself with partners that assist in technology transfer/transition by spin-off technologies and guiding small business economic development with the primary goal of broadening the defense industrial base.
This Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO) is a competitive solicitation seeking proposals for innovative, commercial technologies and services that accelerate attainment of critical defense capabilities. This CSO may result in the award of prototype projects, which include not only commercially-available technologies fueled by commercial or strategic investment, but also concept demonstrations, pilots, and agile development activities that can incrementally improve commercial technologies, existing government-owned capabilities, or concepts for defense application.


2.1 This CSO issued in accordance with DFARS Class Deviation 2018-O0016 – Defense Commercial Solutions Opening Pilot Program, is a competitive solicitation of proposals focused on technologies to meet AF CyberWorx’s mission. AF CyberWorx is soliciting solution briefs in response to Areas of Interest (AoI) which will be posted as calls to this CSO. Nontraditional defense contractors and small businesses are encourage to submit solution briefs or proposals under this CSO.

2.2 "Innovative" means any technology, process, or method, including research and development that is new as of the date of submission of a proposal, or any application that is new as of the date of submission of a proposal of a technology, process, or method existing as of such date.

2.3 “Nontraditional Defense Contractors” is defined in 10 U.S.C. § 2302(9) as an entity that is not currently performing and has not performed, for at least the one-year period preceding the solicitation of sources by the DoD for the procurement or transaction, any contract or subcontract for the DoD that is subject to full coverage under the cost accounting standards prescribed pursuant to 41 U.S.C. § 1502 and the regulations implementing such section. This includes all small business concerns under the criteria and size standards in 13 C.F.R. § 121.

3.1 This CSO seeks innovative, commercial approaches to meet various technology objectives of AF CyberWorx. All items, technologies, and services acquired using a CSO will be treated as commercial items. The Government encourages proposals that span a wide spectrum of possible technical and business solutions in response to the specific AoI in attachment 8 or posted as separate calls. The Government reserves the right to award any combination of proposals which offer the best overall value to the Government, and to oversee any and all processes and approaches once initiated. Awards as a result of this announcement will be in the form of FAR Part 12 commercial contracts. The AF also reserves the right to award Other Transactions (OT) for Prototype.

3.2 OT for Prototype: Upon favorable review and available funds, the government may choose to award an OT for Prototype as deemed appropriate for the transaction. The Agreements Officer will negotiate directly with the offeror on the terms and conditions of the OT, including payments, and will execute the OT on behalf of the government. Upon successful completion of a prototype project under an OT for Prototype agreement, the government and offeror may negotiate a follow-on production contract or agreement without further competition as authorized under 10 U.S.C. § 2371b(f) . Any concept/technology/solution successfully proven through an OT for Prototype can be transitioned to production. Any resultant OT for Prototype awarded under this CSO will include language providing for the potential award of a follow-on production contract or agreement.

3.3 Awards resulting from this CSO will be made based on the evaluation results of a two or three phased proposal process described in Section 5. The Government reserves the right to fund all, some, one, or none of the proposals submitted; may elect to fund only part of a submitted proposal; and may incrementally fund any or all awards under this CSO. All awards are subject to the availability of funds.

3.4 All coordination and communication between offerors and the Government will be conducted using the Beta.SAM website https://beta.sam.gov/ (formally Federal Business Opportunities) and the points of contact associated with this CSO, as specified in Section 4.

4.1 POINT OF CONTACTS. Questions regarding the administrative content of this CSO must be addressed to the Contracting Office below. Questions regarding the technical content of this CSO must be addressed to the Technical Point of Contact (POC) below.
Contracting Office POC:
Ms. Erica Wilson
Contracting/Agreements Officer, 10 CONS/PKC
DSN: 333-8048, Commercial: 719- 333-8048
Technical POCs:
Michael M. Helgeson, Lt Col, USAF
Deputy Director, Air Force CyberWorx
DSN: 333-3399, Commercial: 719- 333-3399
Ms. Jayleen Guttromson-Johnson
Acquisition Program Manager
DSN: 333-3399, Commercial: 719-333-3399

4.2 CLASSIFIED INFORMATION. Offerors are encouraged to submit unclassified documents.
For proposed efforts under which classified data will be accessed or generated, add the following information: Classified level at which offeror is cleared, contractor address for forwarding classified material (name, address, zip code), cognizant security office (name, address, zip code), and offeror’s security officer’s name and telephone number.

5.1 SUBMISSION OVERVIEW. Phase I submissions shall include both the Quad Chart and Solutions Brief prepared in accordance with the formats in Attachments 1 and 2 respectively. Phase I submissions can only be submitted as a result of a call. Calls will be posted to request solutions briefs for specific AoIs. Each call may contain specific requirements and pertinent information (such as submittal requirements or evaluation criteria) related to the call. Solution briefs submitted that are not in response to a call will not be evaluated. Offerors should monitor Beta.SAM (https://beta.sam.gov/) for specific calls or amendments to this CSO.

5.2 TWO OR THREE-PHASED SUBMISSION. This CSO will be conducted in two OR three phases as follows:

5.2.1 Phase I. Interested offerors must submit Quad Charts and Solution Briefs in accordance with instructions provided in this CSO. Phase I submissions will be evaluated against criteria as described in Attachment 7 of this CSO. All Quad Charts should include the information indicated on the sample template in Attachment 1. The Solution Brief narrative expands on the Quad Chart presentation. Instructions for format and content are located in Attachment 2. Solution Briefs and quad chart submissions shall be sent to 10CONS.PK.CyberWorx@us.af.mil for review. All solution briefs must be unclassified.

5.2.2 Notification of Selection. All offerors providing Phase I submissions will be contacted by the Government, either with an email letter informing them that the effort proposed is not of interest to the Government at this time or with a request for either a pitch session OR request for proposal by a specific date.

5.2.3 Phase II. Phase II proposals will only be accepted from offerors who upon review of Phase I submissions, are invited by the Contracting Officer to a pitch session. In addition to the pitch, the government, at its discretion, may request an additional written submission to further supplement the information provided in the Phase I solution brief.
Please note: The government reserves the right to forgo Phase II and go directly to Phase III.
5.2.4 Phase III. Phase III proposals will only be accepted from offerors who upon review of either Phase I or Phase II submission, are invited by the Contracting Officer to submit a full proposal. In order to be considered for award under Phase III, offerors must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) at www.sam.gov, be considered responsible within the meaning of FAR Part 9.1, Responsible Prospective Contractors, have a satisfactory performance record, and otherwise be eligible for award based on federal law and regulation. Proposal Submission. Upon notification for a proposal by the Contracting Officer, offerors will have 30 calendar days to prepare and submit a proposal in accordance with the format and instructions in Attachments 4-6. Each proposal shall include a Statement of Work (SOW) and detailed pricing. All pages shall be numbered. Proposal Review, Evaluation and Selection Process. Each proposal will be evaluated by the Government and the proposal must stand on its own technical merit. Proposals will be evaluated in accordance with the evaluation criteria and process specified in Attachment 7. In accordance with the DoD Pilot Program, the primary basis for selecting proposals for acceptance shall be technical, importance to agency programs, and funds availability. In order to provide the desired evaluation, qualified Government personnel will conduct reviews and (if necessary) convene panels of experts in the appropriate areas.
Any questions regarding this announcement shall be routed through the Contracting Office email address listed above. All questions shall be submitted in writing by email.
 **See attachments for details**

  Jun 25th, AMEND 0003, supersedes all previous versions     

FA7000-20-S-C001 AMEND, 0001


FA7000-20-S-C001 AMEND, 0002