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How Leverage AI in Proposal and Capture Process Improvement


Virginia APEX Accelerator Hosts:

How Leverage AI in Proposal and Capture Process Improvement

Aug 28, 2024
10AM - 12PM


Free Event

A Virginia APEX Accelerator Organized or Sponsored event, Advanced Level, Contract Management, Government Contracting, Government Industrial Base (GIB) Readiness, Intermediate Level, Market Research and Business Development, Marketing/Sales, Other, Proposal Preparation / Response, Risk Management

This course will revolutionize the way you approach business development (BD), capture, and proposal writing through the application of artificial intelligence (AI). You will learn how to leverage AI tools and techniques to streamline workflows, increase win rates, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

This class offers practical, hands-on experience with AI technologies, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your BD and proposal strategies. Master AI prompt engineering to help you in every aspect of business development.


Webinar information will be sent to registrants prior to the class and will be conducted via GoToWebinar. After registration is complete, your email confirmation will contain the link. You MUST register your name and email and receive the login information and calendar invite before you can join the webinar.

You may attend without downloading the software, but please understand your webinar functions may be limited.

By registering for this training event, you consent to having your name and contact information, along with your registration and attendance status shared with the instructor.

Instructors do not have access to other confidential client information and often simply use it to send follow-up class materials.

As in-kind donors, each instructor has agreed not to use information in any way contrary to the interests of Virginia APEX Accelerator, its sponsors, grantors, or clients (you), including but not limited to unauthorized marketing and sales. If you have questions or concerns, please email apex@gmu.edu to discuss with the host of this training or do not register for this session.

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