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Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division (NSWCCD) 2020 Industry Days


Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division (NSWCCD)

2020 Industry Days


Carderock Overview and Corporate Operations
October 20th, 2020   1-3pm

Contracting and Tech Bridge, Agreements
October 27th,2020  1-3pm

Signatures Department and Naval Architecture & Engineering
November 3rd, 2020  1-3pm

Platform Integrity and Small Business Opportunities
November 10th, 2020  1-3pm


This is an excellent opportunity to increase Industry’s knowledge about Carderock, who we are/what we do and our mission to support the warfighters, and also to gain first-hand insight into NSWCCD’s future requirements, and interface with NSWCDD Leadership.

Week 1 (Tuesday October 20th)

1300 - 1350: Command Overview – Dr. David Drazen

1350 - 1440: Code 10 - Corporate Operations. Panelists: Ms. Tamar Gallagher, Ms. Lindsey Canada, Mr. Feza Koprucu, and Mr. Michael Kirby

1440 -1500: Q&A


Week 2 (Tuesday October 27th)

1300 - 1350: Code 02 - Contracting. Panelist: Mr. Tariq Al Agba 

1350 - 1440: Tech Bridge Overview, Agreements. Panelists: Dr. Krista Michalis, Dr. Julie Stark, and Dr. Joseph Teter.

1440 -1500: Q&A


Week 3 (Tuesday November 3rd)

1300 - 1350: Code 70 - Signatures Department. Panelists: Dr. Paul Shang, or Mr. Paul Luehr.  Acquisition opportunities: Mr. Basem Makar

1350 - 1440: Code 80 - Naval Architecture & Engineering. Panelists: Mr. Michael S. Brown, or Ross Hempel. Acquisition opportunities: Mr. David McAfee, and Ms. Yara Zidan.

1440 -1500: Q&A


Week 4 (Tuesday November 10th)

1300 - 1350: Code 60 - Platform Integrity. Panelists: Mr. Gerard Mercier, Mr. Robert Smith, Ms. Kathleen Jones, or Ms. Sylvia Rivera.

1350 - 1440: Small Business. Panelist: Mr. Carlos Duran

1440 -1500: Q&A/Closing remarks


For general information, please contact Carlos J. Duran at  carlos.j.duran@navy.mil 


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