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DoD Platform One Industry Day*


DoD Platform One Industry Day

August 13-15, 2024

Catalyst Campus, Colorado Springs
Defense and Space Manufacturing
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Free Event

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Attention all small businesses, small business ventures, and innovators the Platform One Industry Day is back!

Join us on August 13-15, 2024, at Catalyst Campus, Colorado Springs , CO for the next P1 Industry Day. Come showcase your solutions and put your best foot forward directly to a Department of Defense (DoD) audience. For those companies that are selected, Platform One will sign customer memorandums for selected partners to bid on a Direct-to-Phase 2 SBIR in the upcoming AFWERX Open Topic D2P2 solicitation. 

The objective is to evaluate and identify a subset of currently available providers with knowledge, skills and tools that can be applied across the Platform One Enterprise. Your software should be able to integrate with Platform One’s established enterprise network.

This Industry Day will be centered around these strategic focus areas: - Vulnerability Discovery and Management Continuous monitoring of applications, infrastructure, and code repositories for vulnerabilities..

This includes automated scanning tools that detect vulnerabilities in dependencies, libraries, configurations, and code itself.

Tools that can scan code repositories, perform static and dynamic analysis, conduct penetration testing, and check for compliance with security policies. - Compliance and Governance Automated tools can perform continuous compliance checks, scanning infrastructure configurations, code repositories, and deployment environments to ensure they adhere to security policies and standards. - Automation and Orchestration Tools that coordinate and sequences security tasks and processes across the SDLC including metrics and data collected from automated security testing and monitoring. Orchestration tools for the platform to help manage complex security operations, such as incident response, threat detection, and remediation workflows.

Do not miss out on the Industry Day webinar on July 2nd at 1200 MTN. 🎉 The webinar will give you some insights on what Platform One is, tips for pitch success, and a rare opportunity for an open Q&A segment with P1 Chief Technology Officer, Lt. Col. Camdon Cady, Gilberto Rosario, and Value Stream representatives. 

Register for the webinar here: https://lnkd.in/gvB9zjAU Applications open soon so stay tuned!