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7(j) Management and Technical Assistance Services Program

One of the SBA’s major strategic goals is to strengthen the Agency’s entrepreneurial education, counseling, and training resources to support the needs of existing businesses by successfully focusing on core program resources and ensuring these resources are aligned with the needs of high-growth small businesses. Consistent with that direction, an operational objective is to coordinate internal and external resources to maximize:

Availability of training services and products, and,

The effectiveness with which training solutions are provided to meet business development needs.

The 7(j) Management and Technical Assistance Program is one of SBA’s means to achieve the goal and objective, by providing specialized assistance to important under served markets.

The Program is authorized by the Small Business Act to provide high-quality assistance, such as training, executive education, and one-on-one consulting, to eligible small businesses. These firms are:

Participants in the 8(a) Business Development Program

Small businesses that are owned and controlled by economically and socially disadvantaged individuals;

Small businesses located in areas of high unemployment or low-income; and,

Small business owned by low-income individuals.

Much of the assistance provided under the Program focuses on helping firms succeed in Federal, state, and local government markets for goods and services, and as subcontractors to government prime contractors.
The assistance encompasses a wide spectrum of business disciplines such as marketing, strategic and operational planning, financial analysis, opportunity development and capture, contract management, and compliance.
The types and substance of assistance available under the Program are dynamic, driven by dictates of the marketplace, technology, and specific firms’ needs.

The Agency provides 7(j) Management and Technical Assistance through third-party for-profit and non-profit service providers.
Depending on the types of service to be provided, the Agency enters into grants, cooperative agreements, or contracts with qualified service providers.

The |S|B|G|A| is certified 3rd party to provide such support services to the SBA.

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