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Expanding your business? Connect with us so we can help you out.

Welcome To The |S|B|G|A| 

"where your success is our business"

Small Business Government Access is a Small Consulting firm specialized in supporting businesses to become certified based on their socioeconomic rankings and gain access to diversity contracts and set aside contracts to grow their business.

|S|B|G|A|® will bring the most valuable information coupled with slew of expedited services to ensure your success with Diversity, State and Federal Government Contracting.

Despite the countless attempts by local, state and federal governments to increase procurement opportunities for small, disadvantaged, veterans, women-and minority owned  businesses, research shows that there been little progress in their ability to secure contracts. We are committed to bridging that gap – one business at a time.

|S|B|G|A|®, has been a great resource for small, women, veteran and minority owned businesses that need support in the areas of strategic thinking, alliance building, and organizational development for nearly two decades. Combined, we have over 10 years of experience working with, for and supporting small businesses.

like many consulting firms across the country, is searching for ways to do more with less while not allowing customer service to suffer as a result. In fact, the current trend is to help clients become self supporting members of the community versus thinking the job is complete once the client has received financial support.

We have provided over $300,000.00 in Pro bono services to Women, Disadvantaged Veterans Owned Small Business to date.

As specialists in the small business marketplace,|S|B|G|A|® understand the challenges that business owners face managing information as well as internal and external communication practice.

We believe we can address these challenges with a variety of business practice and slew of expedited services that will significantly lowers turn around time of process, operating costs, improve customer service, increase employee morale, provide business owners with information management tools, assist in meeting state and federal requirements,

and significantly improve your revenue.

We Help Small Business Build Capacity and Grow

|S|B|G|A| is a private firm and specializes in helping small business do business with the Government by means of diversity & set aside contracts.

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