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Starting your new business? Connect with us so we can help you out.


Expanding your business? Connect with us so we can help you out.

Welcome To |S|B|G|A|

As a Leading Consulting firm in Government&Diversity contracting Arena, |S|B|G|A|.® will bring the most valuable information coupled with slew of expedited services to ensure your success with Diversity, State and Federal Government Contracting.

National Capital Region historically has been the hub for Federal and State Procurement activities and considered as number one buyer of goods and or services in the world.

Here at |S|B|G|A|® we believe that Diversity and Government Contracting could be an effective strategy for any size business to increase business to generate additional revenue stream,Earn credibility,trust and brand recognition one deserves.

If you are an small business, that owned by Women,Minority,Veteran or service disabled veteran or your business resides in a HUB_zone, we can assist you in getting the proper certifications to maximize your Government sales.

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