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UNDER-RESOURCED SMALL BUSINESSES deserve a fair chance at affordable financing – that is why U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. (USBC) joined with Lendistry to provide loans designed for small businesses with local communities in mind.

This innovative partnership is opening the doors to financing to help Minority, Women, and Veteran-Owned businesses find a path to receive much needed funding to sustain, grow and build wealth for their firms.

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Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce (GBBCC) Gets New Resource to Boost Opportunities for Local Underserved Entrepreneurs

Lendistry, in partnership with the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. (USBC) unveiled a groundbreaking initiative aimed at leveling the financial playing field for black, women, and veteran-owned small businesses.

This venture marks a significant stride in equipping these enterprises with much-needed access to capital, specially crafted to meet their distinct needs and goals.

As part of the national network of local black community serving chambers, the Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce (GBBCC) will gain access to this new resource to assist the local underserved entrepreneurs that they serve.

This new USBC Lending Portal, powered by Lendistry, will emerge as a crucial resource for underserved small businesses in the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan area. Key advantages of the USBC Lending Portal Powered by Lendistry include:

Rapid financing availability, with funds accessible in as little as five days

Extended loan terms of up to 10 years

Competitive, market-friendly interest rates

Loan amounts ranging from $25,000 to $5 million.

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