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The GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) Program increases contracting opportunities for small businesses

80% of all GSA contractors are small businesses.

GSA Schedules are fast, easy, and effective contracting vehicles for the government and vendors.

The FASt Lane program ensures our government customer agencies have quicker access to emerging technologies and innovative suppliers.

With FASt Lane, suppliers get shorter processing times for IT Schedule 70 contract actions that directly support federal customer agency requirements for IT / Cyber security & Healthcare IT Security.

Less than 48 hours for contract modifications; and as quickly as 45 days for new offers.

Getting a GSA Schedule/Contract, is no easy task but it all starts with determining your eligibility.

First, ask yourself these few key questions:

Do I offer a product or service that the government might want to buy?

(IT Services/Products, Engineering, Building Materials, Sporting Goods, Apparel, Military or Law Enforcement Gear, etc.)

    This is a pretty easy one because the government buys just about everything that purchased in the private sector.

    The only exceptions when it comes to the GSA are firearms, ammunition and livestock.

    Have I sold at least $25,000.00 worth of products or services each year over the last two years?

    Can I benefit from selling to the number one consumer in the world (U.S. Government)

    Did you answer YES?… Then ask yourself these:

    Did you answer NO?… Great then you qualify!

    Second, determine the Schedule and Special Item Numbers (SINS) you would like to pursue:

    Visit GSA Schedules for a list of available Schedules (or Contact Us for a Free Consultation)

    Click into the Schedule number and review the SINS to determine which are applicable for your company

    Third, determine whether you want to write the GSA Proposal yourself or hire a firm by reviewing these key questions:

    How much time do I have each week to work on it?

    What is my time worth?

    How much do I know about Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARS) and Clauses Incorporated by Reference?

    Things to consider:

      The average proposal takes between 100-240 hours to complete without assistance and typically takes 1-3 years

      The average self written proposal is often rejected due to inconsistencies and inaccurate information

      Utilizing a company like S.B.G.A will save you time, money and help you make money faster

      GSA Schedule Application Processing

      Contact |S|B|G|A| For a complete lists of services offered and pricing :


      was established to help businesses increase overall revenue by connecting them with the Federal Government. Perhaps the most lucrative outlet within the government arena is the General Services Administration or otherwise known as the GSA. By being awarded GSA Schedule contracts, you will gain the ability to access a share of over $ 1.3 trillion in government appropriated funds.

      Most companies can qualify for a GSA schedule. In addition, if you qualify as a SET ASIDE company you will have an increased level of opportunity. The GSA is mandated to spend up to 43% of allocated funds on SET ASIDE businesses (Women Owned, Retired/Disabled Veteran Owned, Minority Owned, Regular/Disadvantaged Small Business, Hub zone Certified, 8(a) approved, and 8M (WOSB/EDWOSB)).


      offers a complete turnkey solution for doing business with the Government and we have a long track record with proven success and consistent results. GSA processing is no easy task and we have the experienced staff to get the job done quickly and effectively so that you can be on your way to earning government revenue in 90 days or less. The services we provide require a significant amount of time, dedication, and resources.

      We BACK General Services Administration GUARANTEES  thus you'll get  100 PERCENT MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

      Take a moment to find out if you qualify as a GSA vendor by telling us a little bit about your company.  Fill out and submit the simple form above.

      |S|B|G|A| will then review the schedule with you and determine if it would be a good fit for both the GSA and your company.

      In-house financing available to those who qualify.

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      |S|B|G|A| is a private firm and specializes in helping companies do"NO-BID" business with the Government via the GSA's Multiple Award Schedule Program.