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Interstate Certification 49 C.F.R. §26.85


What is the purpose of the interstate certification rule?

 The rule furthers several fundamental objectives of the DBE program—(1) facilitating the ability of DBE firms to compete for DOT-assisted contracting, (2) reducing administrative burdens and costs on the small businesses that seek to pursue contracting opportunities in other states, and

In response to longstanding concerns of DBEs, the interstate certification provision is designed to make the certification process easier on recipients and certified DBEs. The DBE program is a national program, and administrative obstacles to certification undermine important program objectives.

The Department strongly reiterates that the ultimate purpose of the interstate certification rule is to facilitate certification of currently certified firms in other jurisdictions. Accordingly, interstate certification is not automatic reciprocity in the sense that each state must honor the other states’ certification decisions without review.

Rather, the rule creates a rebuttable presumption such that a firm certified in its home state (State A) is eligible to be certified in other states in which it applies.

Thus, the subsequent certifier’s review is limited to specifically enumerated items in the rule. The rule creates a bright-line distinction between applications for interstate certification and applications for initial certification.

For further discussion of the Department’s general views on the interstate certification provisions, please see the preamble to the final rule establishing this regulation: Office of the Secretary, “Disadvantaged Business Enterprise: Program Improvements,”cfr 011-1531

Each State Has Different Requirements Below is the Complete Listing


Listing of States with reciprocal agreement

 State of Alabama  All Firm Must have SCC registration and has been in business more than one year

      Arizona                       Firms from Phoenix and Tucson are not eligible to participate

      Colorado                     Voluntary Business-to-Business Database for MBEs/WBEs

      Georgia                       Vendor registry with self-identification

      Illinois                        Business Enterprise Program (BEP) for “minor” , women,

      Kansas                        Online MBE/WBE Registry

      Michigan                    Vendor registry with self-identification

      Nebraska                     Vendor registry with self-identification

      New   Hampshire        Online SBE Registry

     New   Jersey   Voluntary small business database; Small Business Set

The following 11 states do not have certification programs or procurement initiatives for small, women- or minority-owned businesses but may have DBE Programs.States without MBE program.









      North Dakota

      South Dakota

States with Partial In-State Preference Programs or Registries

     Wisconsin                   Must have home-state certification and “no abundance
       Delaware                     Must have home-state certification
      Indiana                        Must have home-state certification
      Virginia                    Size limits based on field of operation
     Massachusetts            Must have home-state certification
 Missouri                     Must have home-state certification and MO registration and
       New   York                 Must have home-state certification and NY registration and license
 North   Carolina         Must have home-state certification
      Oklahoma                   Must have OK registration and license
   Pennsylvania              Must have home-state certification
      South   Carolina         Must have SC registration and license
   Tennessee                   Must have home-state certification
    Vermont                     Must have Vermont business license
    Washington                Must have WA registration and license
    West Virginia             no conditions

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