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|S|B|G|A| focus is on providing web-based training for government contracting professionals. However, we understand that some of our clients want to fast track the learning process and obtain customized consulting from our team of experts.

Our consulting packages are below.

2-Day Bootcamp ($4,000 + travel):

In this two day workshop, we provide 16 hours of customized training and education for your business development team. This session focuses on Federal Government Contracting 101 and Business Development 101. We will customize the course to your specific needs, market, and areas of concern.

4-Day Customized Training ($7,500 + travel):

This workshop focuses on a customized business development and proposal training.

First, we assess your team's understanding of the federal government procurement process.

Then, we develop a customized agenda to quickly advance your team's knowledge and understanding.

After the workshop, we provide 3 one-hour check-in sessions to answer questions and provide reinforcement training.

Hourly Consulting (Retainer Required):

On occasion, we provide hourly consulting services for our clients. Our consultants focus on high level strategic guidance and expertise.

We provide this service to company owners and executives that want to have access to a seasoned advisor without the high cost of hiring full time personnel.

We do not provide hourly proposal writers or capture managers.

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