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HUB_zone Program

The Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUB_zone) Contracting Program encourages small businesses to locate in and hire employees from economically disadvantaged areas of the United States. Companies participating in the program can receive competitive advantages in winning federal contracts.The HUB_zone Empowerment Act became law as part of the Small Business Re authorization Act of 1997.


The Small Business Administration (SBA) regulates and implements the program, determines which businesses are eligible to receive HUB_zone contracts, maintains a database of qualified HUB_zone businesses, and adjudicates protests of eligibility to receive HUB_zone contracts.


HUB_zones are determined by economic indicators and include qualified urban and suburban census tracts, non-metropolitan counties, lands within the external boundaries of Indian reservations, qualified base closure areas, and/or other designated areas. See HUB_zone Map for more details.There is a government-wide goal for most agencies to award at least three percent (3%) of their eligible federal contracting dollars to HUB_zone-certified firms. Although several agencies have met or exceeded this goal over the years, it has never been achieved government-wide.

Almost all federal agencies participate in the HUB_zone program. However,

(1) the provisions of the Small Business Act apply only to procurements made in the United States.

(2) most procurements made by the U.S. Postal Service, the Federal Aviation Administration, The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation,the U.S. Congress, and procurements made through GSA schedules are excluded from the HUB_zone Program.

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Hub_zone certification will greatly help you to:

• Access to loans: A business person registered under SBA program gets to enjoy additional bonding and loan programs accessibility.

• Cost advantage: The major advantage of a Hub_zone certification is that the small business owners get some preferential treatment during placing bids for the federal government contracts. The Hub_zone registered firm gets an additional 10% as cost advantage to bid on the federal government contracts, in comparison the non-registered firms.

• Being a part of Fortune 500, As S.B.G.A. will register your firm as a SBA certified firm, you get to enjoy certain preferences. These SBA certified firms get selected by the larger companies, many of which are enlisted under the Fortune 500, for assisting them in completing the federal government contracts. The contract value of nearly $500,000 is the minimum amount that the larger firm bids for. So as a smaller organization you get to have the opportunity of being a part of this large project.

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