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  International Entity Formation and Resident Agent Service  

Have a service or product you wish to market in United States?

You want to establish& maintain presence in U.S. Market?

We Maybe able to help.

Every US state and most countries require that entities operating in that jurisdiction list a registered office or a registered agent.

This is so each company has a local physical address staffed with a person to receive service of process in connection with any litigation. Official communications such as tax notices and other official communications are also sent to this address.

Failure to have a registered agent can result in loss of “good standing,” which can affect a company’s ability to do business in that state or jurisdiction. It can also lead to default judgments and financial penalties costing tens of thousands of dollars.

IS|B|G|A| can serve as your registered agent in all 50 states, the District of Columbia.

We are not only the most cost-effective option for your U.S. market but also have bility to put you in front of Local and Federal Government buyers.

With the |S|B|G|A| as your registered agent you will enjoy:

Professional representation for your company

A registered office and address as required by most jurisdictions

Forwarding of Service of Process (SOP) and other official communications within 24 hours so you can react quickly

Forwarding or furnishing of tax and compliance forms

An annual Compliance Calendar to help you keep track of critical dates

Convenient annual invoicing

While companies can appoint any individual to act as registered agent, professionals have the training and expertise to take quick action when served with a summons, make recommendations for further action and recognize unofficial communications and scam solicitations.

Specialty Representation

Also referred to as Special Agency Agreements, Special Representation Services, Market Research,Teaming  Agreements, special agreements such as contracts agreements require the appointment of an agent to promptly and expeditiously deliver process or other notice from one party to another.

The USA Patriot Act, shareholder agreements, leases and other legal contracts are critical correspondence that should be handled by a professional agent promptly.

|S|B|G|A| can act as your representation in the United States for very efficient manner.

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