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Government Ready Interactive Capabilities Statement

Your Capabilities Statement Might be the Missing Link!

Thousands of public, private, and Federal agencies update their business details daily in databases such as the SBA’s Dynamic Small Business Search or DSBS.

Our marketing intelligence allows you to focus on contacting and submitting your Capabilities Statement to all of the appropriate procurement officers that purchase what you sell, 

Reduce the red tape for proposals, bidding processes and the 60 day waiting period to get paid.

Take your offering from presentation to procurement without any unnecessary hassle!

Why Capability Statements Work

Just like you are visiting this page now searching for a solution for your business, countless companies and  procurement officers regularly search for products and services they need using various types of databases. Our Interactive Capabilities Statements and other services allow you to stand above other vendors and connect your products and/or services with the relevant buyers who need and want them.

Low Cost& Great Results

|S|B|G|A| will create a customized Capabilities Statement for your business so the right Procurement Officers know exactly who you are and what your company does. You will be able to track your results and close more deals. We offer low marketing pricing, month-to-month payment options and no yearly contracts. GP&M employs cutting edge technology to help you achieve the results you want. Learn more now!

|S|B|G|A| Has Hundreds of Templates To Suit All Types of Business

Government Ready Interactive Capabilities Statement

Templates $50

Fully Executed $175

Win More Government Contracts by Submitting a Capabilities Statement with your bids to City, State, Federal, & DoD Military Procurement Officers

Get Full Exposure With |S|B|G|A| Capability Statement Distribution Service


Increase revenue with our Premier Capabilities Statement Packages.

You can have as many 10,000 emails distributed to targeted Procurement Officers and government agencies based on your specific PSC and NAICS coding.

The Interactive Capabilities Statement acts as your company’s resume, and if distributed properly is the basis for acquiring federal work.

Capability Statements are required by most Procurement Officers.