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Marketing / Bidding / Support Service

Marketing /Bidding /Proposal Support Service is Limited To States of Maryland-Virginia-District of Columbia*

This Service is Available to:

    Selected SBR contractor

    Selected eVA&EMM contractor

    Selected Out of State Firms

    How Does it Work?

    *As valued |S|B|G|A|® Client your future success is our goal , by enrolling on this program both parties mutually benefit as we get paid only when you get awarded or land a contract.
    Upon Enrollment
    |S|B|G|A|® will assign designated project manager to work closely with client from project selection to market research,costing and estimating to proposal preparation and submitting the offer.

    Marketing, Research &Strategy for each Trade is Different with it's own requirements and limitations.

    Additional Terms may require as mentioned on Line Item # 6*

    Below Is Sample of  "MARKETING AGREEMENT" Contract with All It's Terms& Conditions


    |S|B|G|A|®. agrees to provide the provisions stated in this agreement in exchange for, and with an understanding by the Client of:

    This contract will be executed by an authorized representative of the Client having the authority to enter into the terms stated in within the provisions of this agreement.


    This Commitment Contract Form is made and effective on_____, ________.

    Between: (“Client") ________________________________________________________

    Physical Address ___________________________________________________

    Phone: _____________________ Email: _______________________________

    Primary Contact: _________________________________

    And: |S|B|G|A|® (Small Business Government Access. “Firm")

    WHEREAS, the parties agree to certain terms of services to be performed by the Firm for the Client; THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

    TERMS. This commitment contract will serve as the Client's written authorization for the Firm to perform the services described below in section “2 “of this agreement. The Client's signature acknowledges the Client understands prices, fees, commission and the terms of its liability to |S|B|G|A|® (“Firm") for described services. No marketing development strategies will be implemented by the Firm without prior verbal approval from the Client.

    The services provided within this program may include but are not limited to:

    One Year Marketing & Maintenance Agreement

    The Client Agrees to pay the Firm an initial fee of $500.00 to execute this agreement. In addition, the Client agrees to pay the Firm a commission of 2.5% of all of the Client's gross monthly ASSIGNED sales revenue. The firm will expect Payment by the 15th day of each month for all ASSIGNED CONTRACTS PROCEEDS that the Client received payments for during the term (life) of awarded contract and said renewals.

    Uploading and maintaining Clients contract Terms and Conditions. Uploading products and services. Uploading and maintaining images and descriptions to C.C.R. Catalog. Completing any MAS modifications required as needed during the term of this agreement. All contract modifications to the clients awarded contract relating to price, adjusting services and/or products offered under the awarded contract number under the SIN numbers awarded in that contract. Quarterly compliance and reporting support. Audit support. Ongoing Market research including competitive analysis reporting. Initial “e-Buy" training followed by ongoing support. Ongoing RFQ response strategy and review. C.C.R search optimization. E-mail marketing strategy and support. Marketing content strategy and support. Strategic Targets identified and contact list provided for e-mail campaigns. Capabilities statements developed, maintained and provided to strategic contacts upon request and based on opportunity. Provide C.C.R redirects and bid response support. Identify & target government agency opportunities to pursue jointly. Contact Prospects on behalf of the Client to promote business. Create Partnership matching opportunities if applicable i.e.; CTA creation. Create & Manage ongoing Marketing Campaigns & Niche Strategies.

    Note: Adding a new SIN number is EXCLUDED FROM THIS AGREEMENT and may be ordered under separate agreement.


    This agreement shall be operative and in effect for one calendar year commencing upon the execution date of this agreement. All business generated during this period will be subject to the “Commission" portion of this Agreement as stated in section “1" “Fees & Commission".


    The Client will remit all commission payments due to the Firm by the 15th day of each month for all orders that the Client received payment for during the preceding month.

    The Client will report all  as received, in addition the Firm will monitor public record to verify business awarded to the Client.

    The Client understands that the Firm can only work within the guidelines of the C.C.R. No strategy will be implemented by the Firm without prior verbal approval by the Client. Client understands that marketing services and campaigns will vary based on the business opportunities available.


    It is agreed and understood by both parties that any conflict that arises between parties that cannot be resolved between parties shall be governed by VIRGINIA Law and litigated in a court of competent jurisdiction.


    This Agreement may only be modified in a writing signed by both parties.


    This Agreement is the final product of the parties' discussions and negotiations. The parties agree that all of their discussions and representations are reflected in the terms of this Agreement.

    |S|B|G|A|® . (“Firm") :

    _____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Authorized Signature/ Date: Authorized Signature/ Date:

    ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Printed Name/ Title/Date: Printed Name/ Title/Date:

    ………………………………………………………... (CLIENT:

    _____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Authorized Signature/ Date: Authorized Signature/ Date:

    ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Printed Name/ Title/Date: Printed Name/


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