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GSA Schedule Application Review and Representation $2,500.00

Have you already prepared your proposal or are you prepared to? |S|B|G|A| will do a final review of the proposal prepared by your company, make corrections and submit your proposal. This process is for those who have the time and want to save money on preparing the documents, but still want a professional review and representation through clarifications and negotiations.

NEW! GSA Contracts Explained (Assistance) $4,000.00

In this new offering, we will take you down the path of completing your GSA contract Preparation and do a final review. This process is for those who have the time and want to save money on preparing the documents.

Our 4 online interactive training sessions will show you what documents you will need, what you will need to gather from your business records, and how to fill out each document so that you will have a completed package ready to submit by the end of 12 weeks. Each class will focus on different topics and will allow you to see the process all the way through. You should be able to commit one hour every three weeks during this process on the phone and in front of your computer to go through each document in the necessary time. If you can't make a class that is ok, we will stop the process, and pick up when you have the time.

GSA Schedule Application Processing (Full-Service) $6,000.00

THE |S|B|G|A| ADVANTAGE - Statistically Proven! We become your complete turnkey solution with proven results. Government contract processing and marketing is no easy task! Leverage our experience…Our dedicated consulting staff gets the job done right so you can be on your way to earning government revenue in as little as 60-90 business days. Leverage our experience…The service that we provide requires a mind boggling amount of time, dedication and resources. We provide guarantees that no other government contracting company can match.... We have a proven track record, superb company references and a complete money back guarantee!

All In One GSA Schedule Processing (Full Service + 1 Yr Support) $8,000.00

GSA Schedule Application Processing as listed above

12 months of Marketing Support (starts upon GSA award)

12 Months of Modifications, Contract Maintenance, and Compliance (starts upon GSA award)

2.5% Commission paid on awarded contracts during year of support

This is the all in one package that will not only get you your GSA Schedule contract, but it will come with full Contract and marketing support for the next 12 months preceding GSA Contract Award.

All In One GSA Processing PLUS (FS, 1 Yr Support, +1 Contract ) $10,500.00

GSA schedule full service processing

12 months of Marketing Support (starts upon GSA award)

12 Months of Modifications, Contract Maintenance, and Compliance (starts upon GSA award)

PLUS one other contracting vehicle of your choice from our menu. (other than 8a Certification)

2.5% Commission paid on awarded contracts during year of support

This is the all in one package PLUS that will get your GSA Schedule contract, provide full Con-tract Maintenance, modification and marketing support for the next 12 months preceding your GSA Contract Award PLUS allow you to increase revenue with one other Government contracting Vehicle of your choice. This is a nice compliment to any GSA Schedule.

GSA Schedule Renewal $2,500.00

Renewing your GSA Contract is your option. Typically, GSA contracts are initially a 5 year term, with 3 more 5 year options. When your contract is within 2-6 months of expiration you should get a letter and or email from your Contracting officer notifying you of your option to renew. The GSA will then request documentation as to why they should allow you to renew your GSA Contract. |S|B|G|A| will do a full review for you to get your contract extended. Some of the items will be:

Explanation of prior Audit deficiencies

Lack of sufficient sales

Financial Review

New past performance evaluation

commercial sales practices disclosures

small business size recertification

Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliance

And more

Classifications/Certifications Range $150-$2000

"SET ASIDE" BUSINESS ASSISTANCE!!! If your Company qualifies for any classifications let us help you get certified and registered! You will become eligible for Government Set Aside opportunities.

Why?... The GSA and other Federal, State and Local Government Entities are Mandated to spend up to 43% of allocated funds on "Set Aside" Business! If your company qualifies as a "Set Aside" it will dramatically increase your opportunity to earn more Government Business!

SAM (System Award for Management Registration) Free with GSA Processing $150.00

This is a new system replacing both CCR and ORCA

Regular Small Business Certification $350.00

Self Woman Owned (Classification) $350.00

Minority Owned $350.00

HUB (Historically Under Utilized Business) ZONE $1500.00

Veteran DOT Certification $546.00

Veteran Owned Certification $1,500.00

Service Disabled Veteran (SDV) $1,500.00

8A Business Development Program Certification $3500.00

With GSA Processing $3000.00

8M /WOSB/ EDWOSB $1500.00-$2250.00

DOD E-Mall Processing $3,000.00

We have designed a 9 Step process that will get you up and selling on the DOD Emall in less than 45 Days. Some of our clients have gotten the required documentation back quicker so we were able to get them up and running in less than normal time. This whole process should only take two hours or less of your time as we will do the rest of the work for you. (Step 7 should be the heaviest portion on your part). Existing GSA or other IDIQ required for acceptance.

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DAPA (DOD/VA) Distribution and Pricing Agreement $2,500.00

|S|B|G|A| provides full service DAPA preparation. Establishing a DAPA is a manufacturer's and sup-plier's key to successful participation in the DLA's Troop Support Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor Program.

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SeaPort– E Proposal Preparation $3,500.00

|S|B|G|A| provides full service SeaPort-E preparation. SeaPort-E is a Navy MAC (Multiple Award Contract) that is open 1-2 times per year for new proposals. Primary services and products included: Engineering, IT, Program and Project management, Financial services and more. Ask you consultant for details.

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NASA Solutions for Enterprise Wide Procurement (SEWP) $3,000.00

|S|B|G|A| provides full service SEWP preparation. SEWP is a Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) consisting of 38 Competed Prime Contract Holders, including 17 small businesses. Small Business categories include: Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB); Woman-Owned Small Businesses (WOSB); HUBZone Small Businesses; Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (VOSB); and Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDB). There are 4 non-competed 8(a) Set-Aside Contracts that are used to complement the competed contracts in pro-viding IT services and solutions.

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|S|B|G|A| "GO TO MARKET KIT" $1500.00

This kit has been designed to provide you with the most critical Marketing and Contract Maintenance services to get started on the GSA. We know that these are the most important components in getting your GSA Contract up and running! This kit is designed for you to make money as fast as possible. By bundling these items in this "Kit" we are proud to offer you a significant savings! Consider this your path towards your GSA Schedules success!

This Kit Includes…

50 Government Contacts (Specific to your industry & Schedule) Value $500.00

30 Days of Strategic Marketing Consultation(1 hour per week, 4 weeks) Value $1,000.00

Week 1 – Value Proposition

Week 2 – Who to target

Week 3 – Contact campaign management

Week 4 – Developing your long term Government Marketing Strategy

25 Products/Items Uploaded on GSA Advantage Value $250.00

Terms & Conditions Uploaded on GSA Advantage Value $500.00

GSA "e-Buy" TRAINING (1 time phone presentation & training) Value $250.00

Contract opportunities sent to your inbox set up for your NAICS codes Value $500.00

Total Value $3,000.00

*** Ask your consultant for details and promotions

One Year GSA Marketing & Maintenance Package _ $2,500 Annually

This package is for GSA contract holders that value a comprehensive and intimate support service program from a valued partner. |S|B|G|A| will manage all your GSA Contract Marketing and Maintenance for the next 12 months! We will act as an extension of your staff, become part of the team! Our experience and expertise will insure your GSA contract is kept up to date and compliant, that your marketing efforts are focused and effective. In this program |S|B|G|A| will receive a 2.5% commission for all the business that is awarded to your company. Both companies will be partnered for mutual success leveraging each other strengths, your industry experience, |S|B|G|A|'s knowledge of the Government Marketplace! A win / win proposition.

Contract Maintenance Package $150.00/Monthly

Unlimited Modifications during the 12 month maintenance package contract period

MAS Modifications include: Refreshes only

Electronic Mods (emods): EPA Mods, Contact name, address, phone, email, address changes, SIP changes, Contracting officer required modifications

Up to 100 GSA advantage product uploads (catalog) during a 12 month maintenance contract package period.

GSA advantage additions or deletions

Terms and Conditions Uploaded

Audit support includes an audit check list and customer support

Marketing Consultation Service: Hourly $250.00

We will provide comprehensive, "one on one" marketing consultation service aimed at de-veloping and implementing specific Government Marketing Strategies for your company. This service will be offered in one hour blocks of phone time and will be conducted with one of our "Government Business Development Experts" at an hourly rate allowing you to schedule the most effective use of this service that best fits your company's needs.

1 HOUR MARKETING PHONE CONSULTATION (Advanced Scheduling Required)

GSA, Ebuy Training $250

You will receive a one hour, in depth presentation, focused on training you on how to take advantage of THE MOST POWERFUL MARKETING TOOL AVAILABLE ANYWHERE TODAY! This exclusive GSA Contract Holder tool, "e-Buy" will give your company the edge against any competitor trying to compete for Government dollars. Learn how this amazing, easy to use, program will put you on the fast track towards growth and success with all Government Opportunities. The best news is that "e-Buy" is FREE! Free to GSA Contract holders only… no one else has access! GSA "e-Buy" TRAINING (Advanced Scheduling Required - 1 Hr Session)

E-MAIL Template Design Each $250.00

"e-Buy" RFQ Response Support Hourly $250.00

"e-Buy" Redirects One Time $250.00

FED BIZ OPS Redirects One Time $250.00

GSA Competitor Analysis Report Each $150.00

GSA Advantage Optimization Per Item $150.00

Ask about other Contract Maintenance and Marketing Services Such as…

Modifications starting at $25

GSA Advantage Uploads Starting at $5/item

Custom Marketing and Maintenance Packages

Contract Compliance Packages

State and Local Contracts